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Jetpilot JP1240 PK <30

Jetpilot JP1240 PK <30   Jetpilot JP1240 PK <30

Jetpilot Pistol Infant Life Vest

 $39.99    $19.99

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Keep your kid safe on the water with the Jetpilot Pistol Life Vest. This Coast Guard approved vest features a two buckle closure and leg strap to keep your kid secure and comfortable inside it. There is a pillow for head support and a strap up top so if danger does occur you can pluck your kid out of the water. There are mesh drain panels on the Pistol vest to keep this vest lightweight. Mesh Drain Panels, Leg Strap for Security, 100% PE Foam Flotation, Closure: 2 Buckle, User Weight: under 30lbs., Material: Foam, Coast Guard Approved?: Yes, Kidsafe?: Yes, Coast Guard Approval Type: III, Product ID: 557436, Also Known As: Life jackets are also commonly referred to as Life Vests and PFDs (Personal Flotation Device)., Model Number: JP1240... More

Jetpilot JP1240 PK <30
Item #: 557436
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