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Scott 224605-0001237

Scott 224605-0001237   Scott 224605-0001237

Scott Notice Goggle Case

 $119.99    $49.99

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Scott has given careful attention and consideration into the Notice OTG goggles. These over-the-glasses goggles have a unique Scott Fit system that easily allows for multiple micro adjustments around the cheeks and nose to prevent unwanted pinching and discomfort with an exceptional seal. The panoramic spherical OptiView lenses provide an unobstructed view of your surroundings while offering 100% UV protection as well. They have also been given a permanent No-Fog lens treatment and the patented ACS Venting that helps to prevent unwanted fog buildup for a crystal clear line of sight. Comfortable, premium face foam along with versatile helmet compatibility are just some of the features that come standard. There is no reason to compromise or settle for less just because you wear prescription eyeglasses and Scott has heard your voices and answered the call with the Notice OTG goggles. Scott Fit System for Customized Face and Nose Fit, Hypoallergenic 3-layer Ultra Soft Face Foam, Quick Connect Strap, Spherical Scott OptiView Double Lens, No Fog Anti-Fog Lens Treatment, Air Control System for Active Lens Venting, Race: No, Category: Adult, OTG: Yes, Comes w/ Case: No, Special Feature: No, Frame Size: Large, Spherical Lens: Yes, Polarized: No, Photochromatic: No, Rubberized Strap: No, Helmet Compatible: Yes, Spare Lens Included: No, Goggle Ventilation: Medium, Goggle Lens Change: Moderate, Frame Size: Medium/Large, Lens Shape: Spherical, Lens Type: Mirrored, Model Year: 2015, Product ID: 280409, Model Number: 224605-0001237, GTIN:... More

Scott 224605-0001237
Item #: 280409
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