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Oakley 99432-02K M

Oakley 99432-02K M   Oakley 99432-02K M

Oakley MOD 3 Helmet 2020

 $160.00    $89.95

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The Oakley MOD 3 has a great look to it. Oakley's new MBS (Modular Brim System) comes with a large brim installed, and an included small brim that helps you customize the look, and the fit with your goggles so you will have your own style to look rad on the mountain. Vents inside the brim keeps air moving through your goggles to prevent fogging. No-Pressure Ear Cups feel very comfortable on your head for all day riding, and does not suppress your hearing, so you will have better balance on the mountain. A Fidlock Buckle Strap uses magnets to make it very easy to latch, even with mittens on. The One-Piece Liner of the MOD 3 is removable for washing, or if you like to wear a beanie while you ride under your lid. A Boa 270 Fit System gives you a secure fit that can quickly be dialed in for you head. If you want a simple look, that feels great on your head, the Oakley MOD 3 is the helmet for you. MBS (Modular Brim System), Brim Ventilation, Lightweight In-Mold Construction, Removable Liner, No-Pressure Ear Cups, Fidlock Buckle System, Boa 270 Fit System, Certifications: ASTM 2040, Warranty: One Year, Race: No, Category: Half Shell, Audio: Not Compatible, Brim/Visor: Yes, Ventilation: Fixed, Adjustability: Full, Year Round Capable: No, Shell Construction: In-Mold, Model Year: 2020, Product ID: 454572, Model Number: 99432-02K M, GTIN:... More

Oakley 99432-02K M
Item #: 454572
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