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Polarmax 2C31N PK XS

Polarmax 2C31N PK XS   Polarmax 2C31N PK XS

PolarMax Mid Weight Double Layer Womens Long Underwear Top

 $39.00    $12.99

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Designed to provide warmth and fit comfortably comes the PolarMax Mid Weight Double Layer Crew. This crew is Relaxed fitting to give you a full range of movement that makes it fit comfortably. It is also made with Acclimated Dry Moisture that pulls away moisture from your body to keep you dry and comfortable and it also has an anti-microbial coating that will keep you smelling fresh no matter how funky things get. Relaxed Fit, 100% Acclimate Dry Polyester, Superior Acclimate Dry Moisture Wicking, Acclimate Fresh Anti-Microbial Protection, Next to Skin Comfort, Made in the USA, Fit: Tight, Warranty: One Year, Material: Synthetic, Weight: Mid, Type: Top, Wicking Properties: Yes, Recommended Use: Snow, Antimicrobial: Yes, Quick Drying: Yes, Moisture Wicking: Yes, Product ID: 477667, Model Number: 2C31N PK XS, GTIN:... More

Polarmax 2C31N PK XS
Item #: 477667
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