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Orage AUM0205 E187 S

Orage AUM0205 E187 S   Orage AUM0205 E187 S

Orage B-Dog Mens Insulated Ski Jacket

 $330.00    $89.77

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The Orage B-Dog Mens Insulated Ski Jacket exudes the signature ski style of Phil Casabon, an undeniably, hardcore skier. The B-Dog Mens Ski Jacket is stuffed with toasty synthetic insulation that delivers generous warmth, the exterior material is treated to shield the elements, the longer length brings-on greater coverage and the retro-urban design allows you to rock any altitude. The B-Dog Ski Jacket is designed with an entirely new look for Urban skiers, versatile to adapt to changing weather conditions, pop colors, details inside and out, a unique fit, plenty of pockets and a cool fabric; as it functions to perfection. Longer cut, 2 Ply Construction, Zip-off sleeves, Powder skirt, Multi choices of wear, Synthetic Down... More

Orage AUM0205 E187 S
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