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Drake 71181043 10 M

Drake 71181043 10 M   Drake 71181043 10 M

Drake Queen Womens Snowboard Bindings

 $169.99    $89.99

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The Queen is a great entry level binding that's packed with features. It features the Delta baseplate which is constructed with a blend of nylon and aluminum for responsiveness and dampening for a forgiving feel. It always comes fully customizable in the heel cups and toe ramp adjustments. The Contour Ladyfit Highback is made with the woman's biological makeup in mind. It's made with a shorter, rounded top for extra support with excellent flex and reactivity. The MFC ankle strap is a dual-density, comfortable, 3D shaped strap that improves control in any condition. Delta Baseplate, Contour Ladyfit Highback, MFC Ankle Strap, MG4 Buckles, Snowboard Best Use: All-Mountain, Strap Material: MFC Toe Strap, Flex: Soft, HighBack: Contour Ladyfit, Buckles: MG4, Toe Strap Style: Traditional, Warranty: One Year, Quick Entry: No, Snowboard Binding Padding: Basic, Product ID: 584708, Gender: Womens, Model Number: 71181043 10 M, GTIN:... More

Drake 71181043 10 M
Item #: 584708
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