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Poc 40124 8215 OS

Poc 40124 8215 OS   Poc 40124 8215 OS

POC Lobes Clarity with Extra Lens Goggles 2019

 $240.00    $129.95

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The POC Lobes Clarity Goggles are designed to promote your vision and provide an exceptionally wide field of view. This is achieved by engineering a larger spherical lens and strategically aligning the lens to a more natural position on the riders face. While the wide field of vision may be a major advantage on the mountain the lens are treated to ensure they are anti-scratch and anti-fog. Triple Layer Face Foam is added for both comfort and ventilation making these goggles true all-around performers. Unique Spektris Mirror Coating, Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog Treatments, Triple-Layer Face Foam, Silicone Grip on the Inside of the Strap, Spherical Shape for a Wider Field of View, Includes Spare Clarity No Mirror Lens for Low Light Condition, Race: Yes, Category: Adult, Helmet Compatible: Yes, Spare Lens Included: Yes, Goggle Ventilation: High, Goggle Lens Change: Moderate, Frame Size: Large, Lens Shape: Spherical, Lens Type: Non-Mirrored, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 575400, Model Number: 40124 8215 OS, GTIN:... More

Poc 40124 8215 OS
Item #: 575400
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