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5th Element 100L Luggage Bag

5th Element 100L Luggage Bag   5th Element 100L Luggage Bag

5th Element 100L Luggage Bag

 $199.99    $99.99

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Whether your heading to a remote mountain town or visiting family for the holidays, the 5th Element 100L Luggage is the perfect bag to pack up everything you'll need. Organization is this bag's middle name, with two oversized, interior zippered partitions to separate your gear, with two built-in zippered mesh pockets for smaller items. 5th Element has incorporated two Large exterior pockets, one on the bottom for heavy weighted items and a quick access pocket on top to keep you moving quickly through airport lines and crowds. Features include a durable reinforced carry handle, Tough Grips Wheels to keep you cruising, additional carry handles and wide straps and buckles to secure everything in it's place. Go ahead and buy that extra souvenir, you'll have plenty of room with the 5th Element 100L Luggage Bag! Highly Durable Retractable Handle for Ease of Use, Two Graciously Sized Exterior Pockets for Additional Gear Storage, Tough Grip Wheels - Keeping you trucking trough Airports and Hotels Season after Season, Interior Zippered Partition to Help You Stay Organized, Four Durable Carry Handles - Two Placed on Front, One on Top and One on the Side, Four Buckles - Two Located on Each Sides to Keep Your Stuff Secure During Rough Flights and Adventures, Enough Room for All Your Stuff!, Warranty: One Year, Exterior Pockets: Yes, Padded Inside: None, ID Tag: Yes, Degree of Padding: Light, Model Year: 2021, Product ID: 564016, GTIN:... More

5Th Element 564016
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