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Next Find Your Chi Retro Pant Bathing Suit Bottoms

 $48.00    $13.99

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The Next Find Your Chi Retro Pant Bathing Suit Bottoms have an energizing print that stirs new life into the classic swim bottom. The banded pant compliment your middle section and provide moderate seat coverage. The Chi Retro Swim Bottoms boast a flattering waistband that rests comfortably on the hips, enabling ease of movement that stays securely in place. These bikini Bottoms have a bit of retro pattern showing at the bottom section at front and behind - giving you that extra edgy appeal and unique flair. Low-rise fit, Graphic pattern/pop of color, Solid fold-over waistband, 90% Micro Nylon, 10% Spandex, Flattering waistband, Comfortable on hips, Type: Medium Coverage, Recommended Use: Swim/Surf, Sun Protection: No, Quick Drying: Yes, Moisture Wicking: Yes, Model Year: 2016, Product ID: 418760, Model Number: NE48356 S, GTIN:... More

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