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Kuhl 6245BOX AS S

Kuhl 6245BOX AS S   Kuhl 6245BOX AS S

KUHL Akkomplice Womens Long Underwear Pants 2019

 $69.00    $39.99

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Crafted from luxurious Italian fabric, The Kuhl Akkomplice Women's Long Underwear Pant is anything but ordinary. The Akkomplice Pants are woven from a multi-filament yarn to compliment the wicking performance and keep you drier than ever as it allows less moisture to be absorbed. The 3D rib construction grants exceptional stretch and recovery for a better fit and superior breathability. Rounded out with an odor resistant finish, you'll be breaking records out on the mountain in no time. KUHL KoreKontrol Fabric w/Dynamik Stitching, Mid-Rise Elastic Waistband, Odor Resistant Finish, Lightweight Mesh Knee and Yoke Backing, Fit: Tight, Warranty: One Year, Material: Synthetic, Weight: Light, Type: Bottom, Wicking Properties: Yes, Recommended Use: Snow, Anti Odor: Yes, Quick Drying: Yes, Moisture Wicking: Yes, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 541530, Model Number: 6245BOX AS S, GTIN:... More

Kuhl 6245BOX AS S
Item #: 541530
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