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Connelly 67171005

Connelly 67171005   Connelly 67171005

Connelly Atlantis 5 2017

 $279.99    $134.99

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The Connelly Atlantis 5 is a party lounge like no other. This brand new design features Five rounded backrests that gives you the ultimate lounging experience and there is also an upper mezzanine balcony for the person who wants to stay dry. The Connelly Atlantis 5 has an open center floor that allows you to cool off like you have a mini pool. The final awesome feature is the Eight cup holders that allow you to keep your beverage of choice from falling into the water. Upper Mezzanine Seating Balcony and Open Floor, Heavy Duty PVC, Molded Cup Holders, Boston Valve for Quick Inflation and Deflation, Size: 105in Diameter, Number of People: 5, Built in Cooler?: No, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 466384, Model Number: 67171005, GTIN:... More

Connelly 67171005
Item #: 466384
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