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Northwave 70111101 22.0

Northwave 70111101 22.0   Northwave 70111101 22.0

Northwave Grace Womens Snowboard Boots

 $199.99    $49.99

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The Northwave Grace Snowboard Boots offer plenty of performance and comfort for the beginner to intermediate rider. Boasting comfort, support, lightness and grip, these boots are made to help you soar. Built with a T-Track closure, this lacing system is quick to use and perfect for re-adjusting when you need it. When combined with the 540-degree Heel Retention System, you'll have optimal stability with the lacing and webbing in the liner working together for an excellent fit. Adding to that great fit is the TF1 Liner, which is heat moldable so a little time inside these boots will get the liners customized to your feet. There are EVA Footbeds for you as well, which provide thermal insulation to help keep the heat inside as well as shock absorption to lighten the abuse your body takes. If you love cruising the mountains on those beautiful winter days, make sure you have a comfortable and warm pair of Northwave Grace Snowboard Boots to make the experience that much more great. T-Track Closure, 540-Degree Heel Hold System, Ultralight Sole, TF1 Liner, Material: TF1 Liner with 540 Heel Retention System, Lacing Style: Quick Lace, Snowboard Best Use: All-Mountain Freestyle, Removable Liner: Yes, Flex: Soft, Warranty: One Year, Brand Lacing Style: T-Track, Snowboard Boot Fit: Comfort, Product ID: 536426, Gender: Womens, Model Number: 70111101... More

Northwave 70111101 22.0
Item #: 536426
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