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Northwave 70211101 22.0

Northwave 70211101 22.0   Northwave 70211101 22.0

Northwave Dahlia Womens Snowboard Boots

 $179.99    $59.99

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The Northwave Dahlia Snowboard Boots are a perfect match for the ladies who like tearing up the park but also riding the rest of the mountain in the same day. The Super Lace Lacing System cinches tight and stays tight all day on the slopes. Upper and lower zones are very easy to get dialed in for a perfect fit. The TF1 Liner has the ability to be heat molded for a customized fit. 360-Degree Heel Hold Construction keeps your heel locked down and provides extra support and responsiveness. Northwave's Ultralight Outsole is extra durable, provides you with a strong grip on slippery surfaces and absorbs vibrations when you are getting big air or flying down the mountain in firm terrain. TF1 Liner, 360-Degree Heel Retention System, Super Lace Closure System, Lightstep Sole, Flex Rating: 5/10, Lacing Style: Quick Lace, Snowboard Best Use: All-Mountain Freestyle, Removable Liner: Yes, Flex: Soft, Warranty: One Year, Brand Lacing Style: Super Lace, Snowboard Boot Fit: Comfort, Product ID: 538508, Gender: Womens, Model Number: 70211101... More

Northwave 70211101 22.0
Item #: 538508
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