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Swix LF04X-6

Swix LF04X-6   Swix LF04X-6

Swix LF 4X Race Wax 2019


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Swix LF 4X is the wax to use on those ultra cold days when you need to keep moving to stay warm. LF wax works very well on artificial snow with dry friction conditions. Recommended Iron Temp 311F (155C), Best Used in Cold Snow Temperatures with Low Humidity, Snow Temperature: Extreme Cold, Actual Temperature Range: 10 to -25F (-12 to -32 C), Wax Form: Block, Composition: Low Fluorocarbon, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 363098, Model Number: LF04X-6, GTIN:... More

Swix LF04X-6
Item #: 363098
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