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Angelica Line Smoother Pen

Angelica Line Smoother Pen   Angelica Line Smoother Pen

Angelica Line Smoother Pen


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Product details provided by Skyn ICELAND:
The award-winning Angelica Line Smoother formula is now available in a convenient, travel-friendly pen, providing targeted spot-treatment to immediately smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Within minutes of applying, this innovative matte-finish formula naturally helps undo the damage your stressful lifestyle has etched into your skin.

Quickly target and fill facial lines and wrinkles with ease using the targeted no-drip pen applicator. The 3-part proprietary Natural Gaba Complex functions by intercepting stress-causing nerve impulses and relaxing the underlying muscles, immediately reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Smooths lines and wrinkles in minutes by inhibiting nerve stimuli and muscle contraction
Provides advanced antioxidant time-release protection against future signs of aging
Portable, targeted wrinkle filler, perfect to throw in makeup kit or hand bag
A natural alternative to expensive injection treatments
Results are cumulative

Learn more about the technology in our Natural Gaba Complex

Our Angelica Line Smoother snagged a 2013 Good Housekeeping Anti-Aging Award! More

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