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Kombi 9/1019

Kombi 9/1019   Kombi 9/1019

Kombi Kids Glove Protector


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The Kombi Kids Glove Protectors are made with leather and synthetic materials to help protect your kids gloves or mittens. They fit nicely over any glove or mitten and they are ideal for young beginners who are using tow ropes on the bunny hills. The leather palm and thumb area create a barrier between the tow rope and the glove, protecting it from rope burn and snags. They also protect against every day wear and tear, ensuring your little one's gloves and mittens last more than one season. The Kombi Kids Glove Protectors are essential for any beginner skier or boarder who might encounter the tow rope or for any parent that wants their kids gloves to last, run after run. Leather and Synthetic Material, Fits Over Any Kid Glove or Mitten, Elastic and Velcro Closure, Removable Liner: No, Material: Resistant Fabric, Warranty: Other, Battery Heated: No, Race: No, Type: Protector, Use: Ski/Snowboard, Wristguards: No, Glove Outer Fabric: Leather/Synthetic, Waterproof: No, Breathable: No, Pipe Glove: No, Cuff Style: Under the cuff, Down Filled: No, Touch Screen Capable: No, Glove Quality: Better, Glove Weather Condition: Average, Glove/Mitten Insulation: None, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 11302, Model Number: 9/1019, GTIN:... More

Kombi 9/1019
Item #: 11302
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