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Scott 230961-001077

Scott 230961-001077   Scott 230961-001077

Scott RS-12 Ski Poles

 $115.00    $29.93

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The Scott RS-12 is a premium ski pole for any type of skier looking for a lightweight, nice balance, and an ergonomic grip for your hands. The 18mm S4 Aluminum Shaft is durable and strong. An Ice Tip can punch through the toughest of conditions, no matter how firm the snow is. Scott's EC-1 Grip fits perfectly in your hands as you tear your way around the mountain. S4 Aluminum Shaft, 18mm Shaft Diameter, EC-1 Grip, Ice Tip, Lite EC-1 Strap, Warranty: One Year, Basket Type: Standard, Shaft Material: High Grade Aluminum, Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain, Model Year: 2015, Product ID: 461088, Model Number: 230961-001077, GTIN:... More

Scott 230961-001077
Item #: 461088
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