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Alpina 55411K 36

Alpina 55411K 36   Alpina 55411K 36

Alpina EVE 28 G Womens NNN Cross Country Ski Boots

 $120.00    $29.93

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The Alpina Eve 28 G makes an excellent cross country ski boot for the beginner to novice skier for gliding out and the groomed tracks. Synthetic Insulation adds extra warmth when you are out on the trials. A zipper in the front of the boot prevents water from sneaking in on you. ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH NNN BINDINGS, Warranty: One Year, XC Ski Best Use: Groomed, Compatible Binding System: NNN, External Frame: No, Covered Laces: Yes, Insulation Material: Synthetic, Ski Gear Intended Use: Cross Country, Support: On Trail Recreational, Warmth: Warm, Skill Range: Intermediate - Advanced, Model Year: 2011, Product ID: 467095, Model Number: 55411K 36, GTIN:... More

Alpina 55411K 36
Item #: 467095
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