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Sportube 31BRDEZ-2

Sportube 31BRDEZ-2   Sportube 31BRDEZ-2

Sportube Series 3 Ski Bag

 $239.95    $214.95

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The SporTube Series 3 Multi-Ski, Double Snowboard or WaterSki Case is hard case for alpine skis, snowboards (or waterskis) with wheels on the end. It fits two pairs of alpine skis with plates and lifters or three without, two or more snowboards, (or two water skis), bindings and boots. Hard Shell Case protects valuable sports equipment, Designed to protect two snowboards, bindings, and boots or up to three pairs of alpine skis and poles, Fits all snowboards, skis, and binding types up to 183cm in length, Skis and boards fit in a case tip to tail with the bindings facing each other like shoes in a box, Includes a five-year limited manufacturer's warranty, Shippable, Most airlines suggest a hard case, check airlines for ski check-in policies, Warranty: 5 Years, Category: Ski Bags, Ski Capacity: 2 Pair, Material: High Density Polyethylene with Padding on Both Ends, Max Ski Size: 183cm, Weight of Bag: 14.0 lbs, Exterior Pockets: No, Padded Inside: Partially, Size Dimensions: Adjustable from 107-183cm 368mm Width X 200mm Depth, ID Tag: No, Degree of Padding: Light, Model Year: 2018, Product ID: 71492, Model Number: 31BRDEZ-2, GTIN:... More

Sportube 31BRDEZ-2
Item #: 71492
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