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Insta Print BOOST-RAC

Insta Print BOOST-RAC   Insta Print BOOST-RAC

Insta Print Booster Strap Expert


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If you are looking to increase the amount of horsepower and rebound out of your ski boots, the Booster Strap Expert is the way to go. A Booster Strap is made from very strong elastic that will keep the wrap across your shins tighter to eliminate shin bang. A Booster Strap will not increase the stiffness of your boots, but it will change the perception of the flex of your boot, causing your boot to engage as soon as you apply pressure to the cuff of your boots. The Expert Strap is recommended for ski boots that have a flex index between 100 and 120. Eliminates Shin Bang, Increase the Rebound of your Ski Boots, Recommended for Flexes Between 100 and 120, Race: Yes, Model Year: 2014, Product ID: 98957, Model Number: BOOST-RAC, GTIN:... More

Insta Print BOOST-RAC
Item #: 98957
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