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Swix T74110

Swix T74110   Swix T74110

Swix T74 Sport Waxing Iron


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Featuring a new design, Swix's T74 Sport Waxing Iron has a new ergonomical shape to make it easier to control and more comfortable to hold. Features include a temperature indicator light that keeps you aware of what you are doing to your ski base and clips for attaching Fiberlene paper if you want to use the Fast Clean Iron Method (a simplified method to apply glide waxes to your skis without scraping or brushing). The Swix T74 Waxing Iron is 110 volt and will work with power outlets in the US, Canada, and Japan. 110 volt for USA, Canada and Japan, New ergonomic shape, Temperature indicator light, With clips for attaching Fiberlene paper when using the FCIM, the Fast Clean Iron Method, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 59216, Model Number: T74110, GTIN:... More

Swix T74110
Item #: 59216
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