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Used 2018 Womens Head Absolute Joy Skis Joy 9 Bindings SALE

Used 2018 Womens Head Absolute Joy Skis Joy 9 Bindings SALE   Used 2018 Womens Head Absolute Joy Skis Joy 9 Bindings SALE

Used 2018 Womens Head Absolute Joy Skis Joy 9 Bindings SALE

 $799.95    $209.95

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This is a used set of 2015 Womens head Absolute Joy Skis with Joy 9 Bindings that adjust to fit US Adult boot size 5-12. The Head Absolute Joy is a fantastic ride for the athletic beginner up to solid intermediate skier who want an easy to control ski that feels very light on your feet. Head uses their Super Light Weight Distribution Construction that utilizes Graphene to keep you light and stable. Graphene is a material that is only a single molecule think with a very high strength to weight ratio. The Power Sidewall Jacket has a composite core and laminates that are forgiving enough for the true beginner to have control, but strong enough for the intermediate to build up confidence and technique. Allride Rocker has a small amount of rocker in the tip that easies turn initiation if you are skidding parallel turns or even snowplowing. The Womens Specific Camber has a lower camber profile that is less fatiguing and very easy to ski. If you are ready to stop waiting in rental lines and want to improve your skiing the Head Absolute Joy will be a dream for you to ski. This Ski was used in a high end ski shop rental or lease program and is a C Condition Ski which means it will have heavier scratches and scuffs, and chips larger than 1/2 inch. Some of our C Condition skis may have Ptex/Epoxy repairs as well so please view the condition picture to see a close up detail of the type of ski you will receive. The scratches etc will not affect the use of the ski, it is merely cosmetic. We generally have inventory of most listed skis so your set will be in similar condition as the ones show in the pictures. This set has the mountain rental company name and length etched into the topskin. Make sure to view our wide range of winter sports inventory in our Store. Boot Size Range 255mm-338mm, Tip/Waist/Tail = 127/78/107, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 388912, GTIN:... More

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