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Marker 6120M1.WW

Marker 6120M1.WW   Marker 6120M1.WW

Marker 4.5 EPS Junior Ski Bindings

 $180.00    $54.89

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The Marker 4.5 EPS Jr. is a great binding for your smaller and younger skiers that are out there getting after it. The weight range accommodates all of the kids that weight under 109 lbs. The Biotech Toe is lightweight and composite, yet has reliable retention. The Compact heel is very easy for the light weight skier to step in to, so they can be out on the slopes improving as much as possible. 85mm Brake Available, Biotech Toe System, Easy Step in Compact Heel, EPS System, Warranty: Three Year, Gender: Kids, Max Din Setting: 4.5, Binding Weight: 2.82 lbs., Recommended Weight Range: 29-109 lbs, Race: No, Category: Downhill, Actual Din Range: .75-4.5, Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain, Skill Range: Beginner - Intermediate, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 272876, Model Number: 6120M1.WW, GTIN:... More

Marker 6120M1.WW
Item #: 272876
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