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Euro Sock 0116 SI S

Euro Sock 0116 SI S   Euro Sock 0116 SI S

Euro Sock Ski Silver Compression Plus Ski Socks

 $36.00    $12.99

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If you are looking for a ski sock that will boost your performance and comfort on the mountain the Euro Sock Silver Compression Sock is the perfect option for you. This basic gradual compression sock is particularly customized for skiing because it is equipped with an efficient smooth, long-lasting, cushioning shin guard protection. Thanks to the Silver Drystat properties warmth, breathability and comfort are assured. Your feet will thank you for them. Gradual Compression to Stimulate Blood Flow, Improves Oxygen Delivery to Muscles, Reduces Foot and Leg Swelling, Lactic Acid Production Reduced, Proven Cramp Relief, Boosts your Performance, Exclusive Wicking and Antibacterial Fiber, Extra Comfortable Trim, Ultra Stretch, Superior Fit and Comfort, Tested and Proved by World Class Athletes, Warranty: One Year, Material: Synthetic, Type: Ski, Weight: Ultra Light, Product ID: 469263, Model Number: 0116 SI S, GTIN:... More

Euro Sock 0116 SI S
Item #: 469263
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