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Swix T73110

Swix T73110   Swix T73110

Swix T73 Performance Waxing Iron


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Good temperature regulation is the most important quality in a waxing iron. The Swix racing irons are no exception, using a thicker 8mm plate the T73 Iron provides a stable temperature dictated by the manual temperature settings. The latest and greatest technology has gone into creating the most accurate heating element and temperature controls possible. The T73 Performance Waxing Iron adjusts from 100`C to 160`C and is the choice of many shop technicians for performance and durability. Don't just use any waxing iron, use the Swix World Cup iron and use something better. New generation iron utilizing film type heating element, New dial design and microprocessor for accurate temperature control, Fast heat-up, and stable temperatures to avoid damaging the ski base, The heating plate is angled in the front for easier application control when waxing with powders, 110 Volt - 500 Watt, Model Year: 2018, Product ID: 59268, Model Number: T73110, GTIN:... More

Swix T73110
Item #: 59268
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