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Kombi 7/1019

Kombi 7/1019   Kombi 7/1019

Kombi Glove Protector


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It's almost a rite of passage to grab that tow rope and squeeze tightly as you ascend the bunny hill. Whether you're a beginner or teaching your child to ski, the tow rope will do two things: get you to the top of the hill and shred your gloves if you're not careful. Kombi's Mens Glove Protectors will let those gloves last longer and remain in excellent shape. Easy to attach and perfect for both gloves and mittens, these protectors are made with a resistant fabric which makes them ideal for rope tows. You won't lose any grip strength and they'll easily last until you graduate to the chairlift. Grab a pair of Kombi's Glove Protectors, keep those skis straight, and enjoy the ride to the top of the hill. Strong suede material , Keeps in extra warmth and dryness, Preserve your glove, Sold in Pairs, Removable Liner: No, Material: Suede, Warranty: Other, Battery Heated: No, Race: No, Type: Protector, Use: Ski/Snowboard, Wristguards: No, Glove Outer Fabric: Leather/Synthetic, Waterproof: Yes, Breathable: Yes, Pipe Glove: No, Cuff Style: Under the cuff, Down Filled: No, Touch Screen Capable: No, Glove Quality: Better, Glove Weather Condition: Spring, Glove/Mitten Insulation: Synthetic, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 11301, Model Number: 7/1019, GTIN:... More

Kombi 7/1019
Item #: 11301
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