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Swix T0149-50

Swix T0149-50   Swix T0149-50

Swix World Cup Ski Vise 2019


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Swix's World Cup Three Piece Vice Set gives excellent stability for tuning racing and all mountain skis up to 85mm wide. The World Cup Vise is designed to accommodate race skis with race plates as well as flat mounted or integrated skis. The design of this vise system utilizes screw clamps to mount the three vises to a wax bench or counter surface, allowing you the flexibility to do your base prep and edge work inside and take your tech room to the top of the hill to finish up and fine tune your wax job before your race. The World Cup Vise allows you the flexibility of adapting the positioning of the skis from base up, to a 60` or 90` angle. With the skis a 60` angle you will have better control for side edge work. 3 Piece Set, Model: T0149-50, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 59190, Model Number: T0149-50, GTIN:... More

Swix T0149-50
Item #: 59190
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