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Skirt Sports 1067-001-XS

Skirt Sports 1067-001-XS   Skirt Sports 1067-001-XS

Skirt Sports Gotta Go Capri Skirt xsmall black


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Product details provided by Skirt Sports:
The Story Behind This Style Introducing the Capri version of the famous Gotta Go Skirt! With built-in trap-door compartment, the Gotta Go Capri Skirt allows for easy potty stops wherever whenever (or almost wherever whenever!). Open the velcro to expose the anatomically positioned Relief Hatch which allows for both #1 and #2 (no easy way to say it) or whatever your issue may be that day. Formulated by women to mitigate women's special needs, the Gotta Go gives relief to so many women who deal with all sorts of frustrations on the run. You know what we are talking about: The not-so-glamorous struggle to get your skirt back up over sweaty thighs and glutes after a mid-run pee stop. The nervous glances over your shoulder as you try to be discreet and speedy behind a shrub when there is no porta potty in sight. The pads, leaks, or stressful tampon changes while running and racing. The embarrassing leaks that 1 in 3 women experience from exercise-induced incontinence, sadly prompting many of them to avoid running altogether. Add three pockets, one on each leg and a secure zipper pocket in back, a Sonic Music Port for your headphones, and a continuous drawcord, and the Gotta Go Capri Skirt has no shortage of features for all our feminine needs. Fabrics Skirt: Aero Light Jersey - 87% Polyester/13% Spandex Leggings and waistband: Endure Jersey - 87% Polyester/13% Spandex Crotch gusset liner in tights - 92% Polyester/8% Spandex Knit Mesh Details The Trap Door - easy-open trap door flap with moisture wicking fabric attaches to the front panel with low-profile velcro and is wide enough to fit feminine pad for leakage. Skirt length (med): 13 7/8 front, 15 1/8 back Built-in capris: 19 inseam Three pockets; one on each leg and a zipper pocket in back Sonic music port for easy headphone access UV 50+ More

Skirt Sports 1067-001-XS
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