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6-Pc. Fractional Forstner Bit Set

6-Pc. Fractional Forstner Bit Set   6-Pc. Fractional Forstner Bit Set

6-Pc. Fractional Forstner Bit Set


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Product details provided by Rockler:
Drill holes that have extremely smooth sides, a flat bottom, and no surface tear-out. High carbon steel bits are perfect for doweling, mortising, pocket holes, hardware installation and more! Cleanly cut through side grain, end grain - even knots, plywood and composites.


Great for instrument mounting, cutting arcs, overlapping holes, and boring through veneer or other thin materials
Bits have two bottom cutting edges that efficiently shear through wood
Exterior cutting rim, along with the inner brad point, keeps the bit in position on the workpiece. As the rim cuts the outside "circle," the bit's two bottom edges quickly cut out the inner wood
Wide flute openings allow for fast chip removal
Unique tapered rims help prevent burning
Pre-sharpened and ready to use in any type of wood
For use with a drill press or hand drill
Comes in durable plastic... More

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