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Rockler T-Track Flex-Hold Arm

Rockler T-Track Flex-Hold Arm   Rockler T-Track Flex-Hold Arm

Rockler T-Track Flex-Hold Arm

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Product details provided by Rockler:
At one point or another, we've all wished we had a third hand around the shop to help hold things when the two we already have are occupied. The T-Track Flex-Hold Arm from Rockler does just that, allowing you to hold and precisely position objects at any point along a length of standard T-track. Use it to attach dust collection hoses, pneumatic blowers for clearing surface dust, work lights and more. With the T-track base, you're free to secure the 18'' snake arm directly in the middle of the table, a capability you don't get with a typical clamp-style base. Use it with our T-track table (#46654), in the accessory track of our router tables, or in the accessory track of our router table fences. With flexibility and articulation like this, the applications are virtually limitless.Features:Easy-grip knob locks the arm into the T-track.Integral keys in the base prevent unintentional rotation.18'' flexible gooseneck bends to any orientation, but has sufficient stiffness to resist unintentional... More

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