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3-Piece Utility Tool Set

3-Piece Utility Tool Set   3-Piece Utility Tool Set

3-Piece Utility Tool Set

 $11.99    $5.99

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This 3-piece tool set will see plenty of use for assembly projects where you're dealing with screws, nuts, bolts and other small fasteners. The magnetic parts tray corrals all of your hardware in one spot, allowing you to scoop out just what you need, while holding onto the rest. The dish is made from stainless steel, while the magnetic base is covered in rubber for non-slip durability. In the event you do drop a fastener, the 5 lb. magnetic pick-up tool is at your service, extending up to 33'' in length to easily reach behind or beneath your bench to pick up the stray. A small inspection mirror is also provided for inspecting otherwise inaccessible areas. It features a double ball joint for 360Adeg viewing, and the telescoping shaft extends from 6-1/2'' to 19''. More

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