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Woodworker's Journal July/August 2015

Woodworker's Journal July/August 2015   Woodworker's Journal July/August 2015

Woodworker's Journal July/August 2015

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You'll find projects for indoors and out in the July/August 2015 issue of Woodworker's Journal, with a stylishly designed picnic table, easy portable benches, elegant nightstands, and shutters that let the outside light in. Plus learn all you need to know about modern screws, the updates in water-based finishes, how to use triangles to set up accurate angle cuts, and more.

Picnic Table: This outdoor dining option brings the flavor of the Mission furniture style to the outdoors
Today's Shop: Sandor Nagyszalanczy educates you in the best options - and the best choices - in modern screw technology, with the latest developments in heads, drives, points, threads, platings, coatings and more
Greene & Greene-Inspired Nightstand: Chris Marshall continues a Greene and Greene bedroom set with a custom nightstand that incorporates vacuum bagging for the side panels' special quartersawn veneer
Easy-to-Build Benches: Adapt the basic structure of this bench to a size that fits your need: for adults or children, indoors or out
Translucent-Screen Shutters: Millwork and modular construction make it easy to produce parts for this interior window covering
Tool Preview: The Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig produces up to a dozen dovetail and box joint sizes with quick setups, repeatability and minimal... More

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