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Woodworker's Journal - July/August 2017

Woodworker's Journal - July/August 2017   Woodworker's Journal - July/August 2017

Woodworker's Journal - July/August 2017

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Find projects for your home, your shop and your summer excursions in the July/August issue of Woodworker's Journal. A Prairie Style Box and an Odds and Ends Cabinet can both fulfill a variety of functions, while our Picnic Basket - with wheels! - is ready to hit the road. A Portable Mini Workbench can follow you outside, too. Our regular columnists give you even more info, with Michael Dresdner introducing you to techniques for six different texturized finishes, and woodturner Ernie Conover helping you create a precise measuring spoon with both spindle and faceplate turning.
Picnic Basket: Pack up the picnic basket for a summertime outing! This version is traditional with a twist: author Sandor Nagyszalanczy achieves the woven wood look without the need for steam bending, and adds wheels and a pull-out handle for easier transport of all your outdoor eating supplies.

Jigs & Fixtures: A Portable Mini Workbench provides a work surface for small spaces or easily transports outside. Laura Kampf shows you how to build this handy helper.
Prairie Style Box: Equally at home holding jewelry or other trinkets, this architecturally styled box has beveled edges on the lid, lift and legs.

Surfboard Coffee Table: The elliptical top of this Mid-Century style accent resembles a surfboard. Learn to work with mixed materials - an aluminum base supports the wooden tabletop - while creating this beachy accent for your home.
Odds and Ends Cabinet: Screws, other small fasteners ... all sorts of odds and ends. You know you have them, and they're taking up space in your shop. This cabinet provides you with a place to put them - and introduces you to a blade that provides a new way to make interlocking miter joints.

Today's Shop: Need to make a bevy of box joints? Chris Marshall gives you an up-close and personal look at the purchase options out there for manufactured box joint... More

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