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Nova 30th Anniversary SuperNova 2 Chuck Bundle with 3 Jaw Sets and Case

Nova 30th Anniversary SuperNova 2 Chuck Bundle with 3 Jaw Sets and Case   Nova 30th Anniversary SuperNova 2 Chuck Bundle with 3 Jaw Sets and Case

Nova 30th Anniversary SuperNova 2 Chuck Bundle with 3 Jaw Sets and Case

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The SuperNova 2 is a solid, powerful chuck, perfect for use on lathes with up to a 20'' swing. It is offered here in a value package with two extra sets of jaws-4'' jaws and 5'' jaws-in addition to the standard 2'' jaws. It's an excellent, all-purpose geared chuck, suitable for a majority of users, and is packed with exciting, innovative features such as a fully sealed composite indexing backing plate and copper-infused jaw slides. Its patented gearing system delivers incredible gripping power. You'll find yourself turning longer, more delicate stems, as well as larger, rougher work that was difficult to handle before. The SuperNova 2 requires only one hand to operate. Using a ball-nosed hex wrench with a large handle, its easy to tighten. Includes a set of 2" (50mm) jaws.Features: Fully sealed backing plate is made from ultra-tough Duracon composite, reinforced with stranded glass fibersSelf-lubricating propertiesUnique indexing function built into backing platePowerful geared grip with Tuff Lock(TM) Technology delivers an incredibly smooth, solid, vibration-free holdSingle-handed operation for fast, convenient mountingCaptured pinion and ball-nose Allen key with large, easy grip handleBody made from precision machined 1045 high-tensile steelAble to take all Nova accessory jaws (except Titan Power grip, which is specially designed for the Titan Chuck)Four jaw design firmly grips both round and square woodPrecision machined in one operation from a solid steel block for optimal accuracyPolished metal finish to allow for closer tolerances and accuracyCommon accessory jaw fixing profile is compatible across all Nova chucks and accessoriesSpecial woodturning dovetail profile on jawsAuto safety stop feature so jaw slides can't protrude past the chuck bodySafe Lock(TM) Woodworm screw included for fast mounting of rough timbersPackage includes two extra sets of jaws-ideal for large turnings like bowls-plus a storage case! The included JS100N 4'' Jaw Set is designed for expanded dovetail or reverse dovetail use. Ideal for gripping footed bowls and mounting custom wooden jaws. The JS130N 5'' set is the bigger brother to the 4'' set, designed to handle large, shallow bowl and platter work up to 29-1/2'' in diameter. The big capacity of these jaws is a perfect match for the powerful SuperNova 2. Both sets of jaws grip firmly in both contraction and expansion mode. Important Note: Only use authentic Nova accessories on your Nova chuck. Using non-genuine Nova accessories and copies of accessories could lead to operation and safety issues and will void the warranty. Nova accessories are designed for use only on Nova chucks. Do not use on any other chuck. This is not an insert style chuck. Cannot use an insert/adapter to change the... More

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