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Woodworker's Journal - September/October 2017

Woodworker's Journal - September/October 2017   Woodworker's Journal - September/October 2017

Woodworker's Journal - September/October 2017

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From showstoppers to practical solutions, you'll find it in the September/October issue of Woodworkers Journal. Make an impact with a Slab Top Dining Table featuring the most spectacular piece of wood you can find (we'll tell you how to deal with all those little "imperfections"), or craft a stunning Sideboard. Set up a snack station in your shop with our kitchenette Cabinet, and feed the furry family members, too, with a Dog Food Station just for them. Plus: applying flat finishes, updates in battery technology, a jig for making mortises, and more.
Mid-Century Inspired Sideboard: With an ash exterior and walnut accents, plus interior, this contemporary styled sideboard uses straightforward joinery (mortise-and-tenons, dadoes, grooves and rabbets) to create a stunning storage piece.
Slab Top Dining Table: Showcase a beautiful piece of lumber as the topper for this table - we walk you through the options for dealing with the special challenges presented when working with this cut of wood.
Workshop "Kitchen" Cabinet: It's no secret that snacking takes place in the shop from time to time. This practical addition gives you a "kitchenette" for a shop (or dorm room), using practical laminate plywood (aka "cabinet liner").
Dog Food Station: Feed Fido in style with this two-part dog food station: a storage box with a hinged lid provides a place for your dog food and accessories, while a dog dish holder elevates the food and water bowls for easier access.
Today's Shop: Today's tool batteries give a high-voltage performance. Features include longer runtimes, cool running, brushless motors and more.
Woodturning: No four-jaw chuck? No problem! Learn to turn a bowl with your lathe's faceplate plus some glue... More

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