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Rockler HVLP Replacement Cup

Rockler HVLP Replacement Cup   Rockler HVLP Replacement Cup

Rockler HVLP Replacement Cup

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This Replacement Cup eliminates the hassle of transferring finish back and forth from the can to the sprayer, and then having to clean up afterwards. Simply unscrew your most recent finish, cap it, and screw on the Replacement Cup with your next finish! With a separate cup for each of your finishes, you'll save time, effort, and eliminate the risk of contaminating your finish. You can also store solvent in a cup, which makes cleaning out your spray gun a breeze. Designed to work with our HVLP Spray Gun (#61577, sold separately). Sealed lid ensures a long shelf life. Graduated cylinder has metric and imperial scales up to 800 ml or 28 ounces. Made of durable, lightweight plastic that will not dent or... More

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