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Auxiliary Small Port Hose

Auxiliary Small Port Hose   Auxiliary Small Port Hose

Auxiliary Small Port Hose

 $24.99    $14.99

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Product details provided by Rockler:
This add-on hose is used with our Dust RightA(R) Universal Small Port Hose Kit (#48212, sold separately) to connect multiple tools at once, reducing the need to change ports for various tools. Two hoses connect nicely to our 4'' to 2-1/2'' Y-Connector (#57072, sold separately) for servicing two small power tools. Additional hoses and Y-connectors can be purchased as needed to meet your needs. The kit includes a flexible hose that expands from 3' to 15', and a 2-1/4'' port that connects to most shop vacuums and dust separators.The hose is supple, kink- and crush-resistant, easy to manuever, and has no memory. Of course, the kit can also be purchased as a replacement for a damaged hose, or combined with our Dust RightA(R) Auxiliary Hose Ports (#56613, sold separately) to fit less common... More

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