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Woodworker's Journal - January/February 2018

Woodworker's Journal - January/February 2018   Woodworker's Journal - January/February 2018

Woodworker's Journal - January/February 2018

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Start your new year off right - in your shop. In the January/February issue of Woodworker's Journal, you'll find a mixture of classic projects - from a Coatrack to a 5-Drawer Tool Chest - and modern trends, like a Tripod Floor Lamp and an updated take on the iconic Rocking Chair. Bring out the natural beauty of your wood by learning to turn natural edge bowls, expand your tool knowledge with an overview of the scroll saw and sharpen your woodworking skills with a lesson on resawing on the band saw.
Modern Rocking Chair: This updated take on an American classic uses wooden dowels to support and separate the seat from the side assemblies.
Tripod Floor Lamp: A trendy three-legged lamp that's easy to make with handheld tools, home center lumber, and a gang sanding technique.
Tool Tutorial: Our tool experts introduce you to the basics and beyond of woodworking tools. First up: scroll saw expert Carole Rothman highlights how this tool can do way more than you ever thought it could.
Woodturning: Bowls turned with a natural edge highlight the tree's bark and other natural, organic features.
5-Drawer Tool Chest Till: Author Ernie Conover designed this partitioned box to protect his carving chisels, but you could find many uses for the small storage container featuring interior drawer dividers and a dadoed carcass.
Classic Coatrack: The reverse inlay technique featured in this practical household addition might trick your eye into thinking the thin, light strips are inlaid into the darker walnut, but our easy instructions mean it won't be a trick to... More

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