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Woodworker's Journal - May/June 2016

Woodworker's Journal - May/June 2016   Woodworker's Journal - May/June 2016

Woodworker's Journal - May/June 2016

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In the May/June 2016 issue of Woodworker's Journal, you'll find projects for indoors and outdoors, including an Adirondack Chair perfect for your yard and another chair that brings the romance of the water inside. Learn about apps and online tools that can enhance your woodworking; build helpful jigs for your shop or buy the ones our experts recommend; find out the surprising things woodworkers said about their cordless drills, and more.Adirondack Chair: Senior editor Chris Marshall and his daughter joined forces to build a weekend project that creates a perfect place to relax for any family's yard.Compound Cut Flower Box: Scroll saw expert Carole Rothman creates a spring-themed box filled with flowers and butterflies, which also teaches techniques like stack cutting, creating contours - and how to make a round lid liner with matching grain on all of its edges.Oar Chair: Dream of boating even when you're not on the water with a chair whose back is created from an upcycled oar. You'll also find a sculpted seat and joinery inspired by Sam Maloof.Two Shop Jigs: Build two handy helpers for your shop: a Miter Cutting Sled that enables your table saw to cut quick and accurate miter angles, plus a Dovetail Chiseling Jig that provides secure clamping and a reference fence for chiseling dovetail shoulders.Woodturning: Cubic boron nitride grinding wheels: a major advance in technology for sharpening turning tools.Finishing Thoughts: Tap into the adult coloring book craze by bringing your art supplies to the woodshop: watercolor pencils can do great things as a wood... More

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