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Woodworker's Journal - November/December 2016

Woodworker's Journal - November/December 2016   Woodworker's Journal - November/December 2016

Woodworker's Journal - November/December 2016

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In the November/December issue of Woodworker's Journal, you'll find plenty of projects designed to turn your shop into ''gift-making central'' for the season. Look at this issue's Holiday Gift Section, and you'll learn how to make a Band Saw Box designed by David Picciuto, highlight your best family photos with an Inlaid Picture Frame, or stock up the kitchen with accessories like a Banana Hanger, Pasta Serving Set and a handy set of Tongs. Wondering how to finish wood items that will touch foodstuffs? Our finishing expert Michael Dresdner has that covered, while Sandor Nagyszalanczy shares tips and tricks for making sure your hardware looks handsome when you add the final touches to your projects.

Turned Rolling Pins: Create a perfect cylinder on your lathe, and you have a base for a rolling pin - with handles or without.

Trapezoid Band Saw Box: David Picciuto's design for a trapezoid-shaped band saw box puts together a small amount of wood and a small amount of shop time for a gift project with a big impact.

Inlaid Picture Frame: Create a custom color inlay stripe to add some visual interest to the frame around your favorite photos.

Pizza Cutter Block: This handsome addition to your countertop safely stores your metal pizza cutter in a custom-made slot, created with a special routing jig.

3 Kitchen Accessories: Whip up a few last-minute wooden gifts for the kitchen, even when there's no time to spare: it'll take you just a twinkling to turn out some tongs, a banana hanger and a pasta measure and server.

Today's Shop: Don't ruin a perfect project with poorly placed hardware: Sandor Nagyszalanczy lets you in on the secrets to practically perfect hardware installations (and the ways to fix things that might have gone wrong). More

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