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25-Piece Hex Key Set

25-Piece Hex Key Set   25-Piece Hex Key Set

25-Piece Hex Key Set


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Though we've all cheated before by using a hex wrench that's ''close enough,'' using the wrong size can all too often result in a stripped or damaged fastener. This set remedies the problem by providing both metric and imperial sizes, and it doesn't skimp on the ''in-between'' sizes. You get imperial wrenches from 1/16'' to 3/8'' in 1/64'' increments, and metric wrenches from 1.5mm to 10mm in 0.5mm increments (up to 6mm; 1mm increments from there on up). At this price, you can buy several sets: one for the shop, one for the house, one for the truck.Features:Extruded carbon steel constructionHeat-treatedBlack oxide finish for durabilityVinyl storage... More

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