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Framed Wolftrax Sram X5 1X10 Fat Bike -- 2016

Framed Wolftrax Sram X5 1X10 Fat Bike -- 2016   Framed Wolftrax Sram X5 1X10 Fat Bike -- 2016

Framed Wolftrax Sram X5 1X10 Fat Bike -- 2016

 $1,098.99    $699.97

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Product details provided by Performance Bicycle:
Framed Wolftrax SRAM X5 1x10 Fat Bike -- 2016. Whenever a category of bikes gains popularity it's fun to watch new brands and products spring up. That is the case for fat bikes and if the Framed Wolftrax Fat Bike is any indication of where the future of fat bikes are going, we'll gladly come along for the ride. Fat bikes for everyone, proclaims Framed. Founded in 2010 in St. Paul Minnesota, Framed is on a mission to make fat bikes more affordable for everyone, with one catch: the bikes have to perform at a high level as well. In a global market place where the cost of manufacturing a product is lowered by producing a larger volume of it, that's tough to achieve with a style of bike that's relatively new to cycling. How do they do it? Who cares, honestly. They did it. Now, you can ride a bike like the Wolftrax and not daydream over it because of its prohibitive cost. The Wolftrax starts with Framed's proprietary and unique frame designs. They feature more room to move and offer a centered rider position for greater performance and comfort. The SRAM X5 1x10 edition is equipped with Avid BB5 Disc Brakes and 160mm rotors which deliver superior braking performance on singletrack. Additionally, the Wolftrax has lightweight 80mm Alloy rims with snazzy rectangle cutouts. The rims are outfitted with massive Wolftrax 4 wide 26 tires. This tread design provides astonishing grip in nearly all riding... More

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