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Alegria ALG-QAR-5095-37

Alegria ALG-QAR-5095-37   Alegria ALG-QAR-5095-37

Alegria Shoes Women's Traq Qarma

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For a classic lace-up sneaker that offers a little bit more, the Qarma TRAQ smart shoe by Alegria is a great choice. Breathable knit fabric on the upper provides circulation while the removable antimicrobial footbed offers maximum arch support with every step. But the Qarma doesnt stop there. Alegrias revolutionary Q Chip technology is embedded in the sole of this shoe to track each step you take. Pairing with the Alegria TRAQ smartphone app, the Q Chip sends the recorded steps to your phone so you can see your progress with the tap of your finger. Connect with friends, family members and coworkers to challenge and encourage each... More

Alegria ALG-QAR-5095-37
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