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Nemo 814041018456

Nemo 814041018456   Nemo 814041018456

NEMO Fillo Elite Luxury

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Outland USA
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Product details provided by Outland USA:
The Fillo Elite Luxury backpacking pillow is the ultralight version of our award-winning Fillo. At a fraction of the weight (less than 4 oz) and packed size, it still offers impressive height and cushion despite its ethereal weight. We decided to bring clever design and luxurious attention to an often-overlooked piece of gear: the humble backpacking pillow, which is essential to a comfortable nights sleep. We designed the Fillo Elite Luxury with a layer of Primaloft insulation, combined with a 3 inch baffled air cell and a soft cotton jersey cover. The result is a pillow that is soft and cradles your head nicely, yet packs down as small as a kaffir lime.And while the Fillo is amazing for backpacking, its just as great for other adventures. You can bring it on an airplane, a long roadtrip, or use it as lumbar support, or keep it stashed in your pocket for an emergency... More

Nemo 814041018456
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