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Alegria TRA-QAR-5019-37

Alegria TRA-QAR-5019-37   Alegria TRA-QAR-5019-37

Alegria Shoes Women's Traq Qarma

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Product details provided by Outland USA:
hat makes the Qarma sneaker even better is the embedded TRAQ Q-chip technology that tracks all your steps in real time and transmits the info straight to your TRAQ smartphone app! No more wearing a fitness band, no more charging, and no more powering up-the TRAQ Qarma is always ready to go when you are. The Qarma also features a slip-resistant outsole and a padded collar for comfort and support. Pair this lace-up sports sneaker with all your favorite workout gear and get tracking! More

Alegria TRA-QAR-5019-37
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