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Abus 334344

Abus 334344   Abus 334344

Abus Booster Cable 670

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Outland USA
Updated 11 hours ago
Product details provided by Outland USA:
With this bicycle lock you can connect your bicycle conveniently, easily and quickly to a fixed object. You do not even need a key, as the Coil Cable Lock Booster 670 engages directly thanks to the special ABUS automatic locking technology. In addition, the ABUS automatic cylinder is equipped with a drilling protection, which makes the drilling into and drilling open of the lock considerably more difficult for possible thieves. If the Coil Cable Lock Booster 670 is not required, it can be conveniently transported on the corresponding holder on the seat... More

Abus 334344
Item #: ABUS-004003318334344
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