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Imagine I5IGV1LTESTD106

Imagine I5IGV1LTESTD106   Imagine I5IGV1LTESTD106

Ignite 10'6" LTE Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)

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Imagine Ignite 10'6" LTE Inflatable SUP Board - The Ignite 10'6" LTE Inflatable SUP Board by Imagine is designed to be the perfect board to fuel the fire to get your kids paddling and performing at their best. It is a touring shape with great glide to get your kids hooked their first time out. The single skin technology is super light so now the kids can carry their own board down to the water. The single wall construction and double sidewall rail creates a board that is rigid, durable and lightweight. It has a thermoformed housing that combines a valve and D-ring in one neat package, while a unique clip in fin makes it even easier to get on the water. The Ignite LTE is feature packed with a diamond groove EVA deck pad for maximum comfort and traction, center and tail carry handles, a cargo bungee, and it includes a comfortable backpack, a three piece aluminum adjustable paddle, and a high volume two-way pump. Now the whole family can paddle together with out compromising on equipment, with the Imagine Ignite 10'6" LTE Inflatable SUP... More

Imagine I5IGV1LTESTD106
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