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Nrs 50008.02.100

Nrs 50008.02.100   Nrs 50008.02.100

NRS Quick Release SUP Board Leash

 $49.95    $29.10

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NRS SUP Leash With Quick Release Belt - The SUP Leash With Quick Release Belt by NRS was designed to be safe to use in whitewater as well as surf. The NRS SUP Leash features a quick-release waist belt so you can safely disengage from the leash during a bad swim. The waist belt easily converts to an ankle strap for use in surf. It's two leashes in one! The coiled leash stretches to allow full freedom of movement while staying out of your way when you're in the action. The relaxed coil is only 20 inches long but extends to 11 feet. An in-line swivel keeps the leash from tangling up. The SUP Leash With Quick Release Belt by NRS has a small footprint, is comfortable and most importantly provides you with a secure peace of mind in a variety of... More

Nrs 50008.02.100
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