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Kelty 24675812

Kelty 24675812   Kelty 24675812

Kelty LumaSpot Rhythm Camping Lantern

 $69.95    $44.95

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Kelty Lumaspot Rhythm - The Lumaspot Rhythm by Kelty has it all - rhythm and swing. The LED's are positioned at the top and the bottom of the lantern, and project out through the internal light reflector to illuminate your campsite. When you need more targeted light, just swing the top to the left or right and you can now utilize a spotlight. What's a relaxing night by the fire without tunes and disco lights! - the integrated speaker and cable enable you to plug in your MP3 player and listen to your favorite music under the stars and integrated multi-colored LED's provide a festival feel to any campsite. The Lumaspot Rhythm by Kelty will light up your camp, your party or your camp party! More

Kelty 24675812
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