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Goal Zero 22008

Goal Zero 22008   Goal Zero 22008

Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger


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Goal Zero VENTURE 30 RECHARGER - The VENTURE 30 RECHARGER by Goal Zero packs the power you need to keep those small devices, cameras and tablets charged no matter the elements you may be out battling! With an IPX6 weatherproof rating and 7800mAh the Venture will keep everything running smoothly. Built-in charging tip, that lets you charge up in 4 hours from USB or in 9 hours of full sun from the Nomad 7. Tangle-free charging for phones and tablets with certified cables for efficient charging and even a built-in Micro USb charging tip. Featuring dual high-speed USB ports capable of dishing out the fastest charge possible, at the same time. Power two devices at once or share with a buddy. Integrated Flood Charge optimizes your charging time. For power that handles whatever Mother Nature can throw at you, get the Goal Zero VENTURE 30 RECHARGER! More

Goal Zero 22008
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